• PUSH- Affenfaust Galerie - Urban Art


PUSH live and work in Hamburg.
The streetartcombine made it to their mission to decorate and embellish their urban space of living on their own. They want to delight the residents and open their eyes for all the little hidden things in their surroundings and also push them to be part of the process. Their major material is styrofoam, which offers a lot of artistic freedom because of its shapeabillity. The material is also used to isolate houses, in which case it dissapears behind walls. PUSH treat it with lots of love, effort and devotion to detail to magnificent creative threedimensional objects and bring the material back to the surface. Some objects are espacially made for a site, other styles find their place after being made. The motives are „everything that has the expression „push“ in it“. PUSH stands for the anrgy mob, the desire to create something new, for the call to be part of the movement, the push foreward and for independent thinking.

Available Artworks

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